Things I’ve Learned

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get out and find time for a ride. But hopefully I can share with you a few things I have picked up on over my short period of riding.

Since I haven’t been riding long, I don’t have any life-changing bike hacks yet, but I have learned some things that changed the game of riding for me.  The first discovery that helped the rides get easier for me was a pair of riding gloves. I know this sounds kind of lame, but believe me, they help. I am lucky to say that my hands don’t really sweat; however, my arms do. A lot. This becomes a problem because when sweat starts to roll down your arms and hits your handle bars, keeping a good grip becomes difficult. That’s why I now ride with gloves.

Another thing I’ve learned is that it’s always good to lower your seat when you’re about to come up on a hilly section of a trail. This is beneficial when riding because it makes it easier to stand on the pedals and lean your butt back over the back tire. It’s always good to lean back when going down hill to prevent you from going OTB (over the bars). If you happen to be leaning forward, and pull your front brake a little too hard, it becomes pretty easy to throw yourself over the front of your bike.

These last two tips may be more of common sense type things, but I didn’t really realize how important they were until I started riding longer and more technical trails. Water and a good helmet are key. Water, of course, is great to rehydrate but its also very nice to cool you off. I’ve probably poured more water down my back riding than I have probably drank. A good helmet is also a must. This is the most important protection you can have. Growing up I never wore a helmet because I always thought they were lame. Now after realizing how intense some of the trails I’ve seen are, I know its crucial to wear.

I hope that if you decide to give biking a try, you’ll remember some of these tips. Sorry this was a boring blog. I’ll try to go out this week and hit a trail and take a few pics.



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