Two in One

Today I must have been feeling froggy. This was the first time in my month of mountain biking, that I rode two trails in one day.

My brother had three soccer games today out at burns park. From some of my previous riding adventures, I knew that burns park had a few mountain bike trails. The first game started at 11:00 and we had to be at the fields by 10:00. I figured that would be plenty of time for me to ride this trail that was just about 5.5 miles long. I just about had it timed out perfect. I started my ride about twenty after 10:00, and finished in about 40 minutes. I would be lying if I said this was easy. For some reason today seemed unseasonably hot for a mid-September morning. 

At first, I was thinking about riding the trail between each of his games. After realizing how hot it was after the first game, I came to the conclusion that would not be the case. However, I didn’t want to get rid of the idea of trying to ride more than one trail in one day. My brothers last game ended around 5:30, so by this time it had started to cool down a bit. I made the decision to drive back to Conway and ride the cadron trail before dark. This ride was pretty enjoyable considering that it was cooling down and the whole trail was shaded since it is in the woods. This ride was a bit shorter than the first, but still a great way to end the day.


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