Ride With Friends

The same trail ride over and over can become boring as I’ve learned recently. The same hills, the same turns, the same rocks, it starts to get redundant quickly. This weekend was the first time I’ve got to ride with multiple friends on the same trail.

It was my usual riding buddy Nick, and he brought his brother-in-law and uncle along for the ride. This made the ride a lot more enjoyable getting to fellowship and joke around with other riders. It almost brings a new light to the riding experience. I think this not only applies to mountain biking, but maybe in our social lives as well. It’s always good to get to meet new people and make new friends to get you out of the day-to-day rut you may be in like I was with biking.

If you ever start a new hobby, whether it be riding, working out, or anything else, I highly encourage you to invite a friend and try to meet new people. They make the hobby more enjoyable and can push you to improve.


7 thoughts on “Ride With Friends”

  1. I’m a people person so I always have someone with me whether it be working out, going to eat, or just going for a drive. I never imagined myself biking but maybe I’ll grab a friend and try this one!


  2. I like car rides alone but I definitely agree that a good trip with friends is my favorite. You learn so much about each other and enjoy things more, as well as you get to have more fun!


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