Changing it up

This week I was so busy studying for my state health insurance exam that I never found time to get out on my bike. My exam was on wednesday (I passed), so that was a huge relief.

I love to workout. I try to keep my average around five days a week that I go to the gym. This is my place to really just relieve stress and push myself to be better. I’ve always Known that your mindset, whether it being focussed on working out or not, makes a huge difference in the quality of your workout. I don’t think I’ve experienced how true this is until I tried to workout Wednesday, and my workout was crap. I think the main reason was the fact that I was still so worked up over my exam that it was still distracting me.

The next day I went in to workout, I went in with the mindset that I had to make up for the day that I pretty much skipped. This had a significant impact on the improvement of quality from one day of working out to the next. I say all that to say this: go in to any activity as if you are trying to improve on what you did the last time you attempted because you never how much it could help you improve.


6 thoughts on “Changing it up”

  1. You passed! That’s great! The gym is definitely a great place to destress. I don’t seem to get there as often as I would like, but any physical activity helps me release at the end of a day even if it is just a walk or shooting my bow.


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