Winter Gear

As I’ve recently learned, biking season doesn’t end as winter begins. With me being a “newby” to the sport, I’ve learned a lot through talking to local bikers whether it be on the trails or in the parking lots at the trails. I was recently told that winter riding is one of the best and also one of the trickiest times to ride.

To be able to even enjoy a winter ride, you first need the right gear. I have recently invested in a thermal shirt and pants as recommended by a more experienced biker. I also have experienced the problem of riding with cold hands. It brought to my attention that a pair of winter riding gloves is very essential. When looking for gloves, I also found a piece of gear that functions as gloves without  having to put your fingers in individually. I’ll put in a picture at the end.

I was told that winter time can be a great time to ride, if you go at the right time. The rider taught me that if you go early enough for the ground to still be frozen (firm), it is great for keeping maximum grip with your tires. However, if you go later in the day, when the ground has thawed, the dirt becomes more of a mud consistency, making the tires more likely to slide out from under you.

This is a picture of the hand shields that help keep your hands warm-

Image result for hand covers for mountain biking


11 thoughts on “Winter Gear”

  1. This is a really cool invention to keep you riding through the cold months! It’d be cool if bikes came with heated handlebars like snowmobiles, but I bet that’d get pretty expensive.


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